Our standard Four-Stage Cleaning procedure:

Stage One.

The carpet is carefully cleared of movable items and an assessment is made of items to be worked around. These could vary from a TV system or coffee machine to an antique Welsh dresser or Grandfather clock. Heavy-build ups of fluff, hairs etc are manually removed.

Stage Two.

Carpets are first pre-sprayed to soften up embedded dirt prior to extraction cleaning. Different pre-spray solutions are used depending on the type of carpet and extent of embedded grime and/or stains.

Stage Three.

Stains are pre-treated with specific cleaners. These could include amongst other items:- i) Solvents in the case of make-up and certain other stains ii) Gum Gel for items such as chewing gum, candle wax and blu-tac iii) Specialist cleaners for tea, coffee, wine or food stains iv) Rust Stain Removers or v) Brown Stain Removers (typically for wood or possibly jute backing).

Stage Four.

The carpet is cleaned using the latest spray-extraction machines which jet-apply warm water mixed with Cleaning Solutions whilst sucking back most of the liquid applied so that the cleaned carpet is left just slightly damp. In certain situations, particularly where animals have been in regular contact, Odour Removers are applied with the Cleaning Solutions.

In addition to all the above, if wooden or metal legged furniture has to be put back onto the carpet immediately after cleaning, foil-backed cards are placed under the legs/feet to ensure that no metal or wood leaching occurs during the carpet drying stage.