Carpet Cleaning

We have wide experience of cleaning all types of carpet from general-purpose, plastic-backed carpet tiles to heavy pub/restaurant carpets and 100% woollen Axminsters.

JJ Carpet Cleaning started off mainly cleaning domestic carpets. We always use a special wool-safe cleaning solution for delicate and pure wool carpets. Heavy-duty cleaning agents are used for carpets with embedded grime and our extensive range of specialist cleaning solutions includes treatments for make-up, wine, food and vomit stains, rust marks, chewing gum, candle wax and coffee or tea stains.

For heavy-duty commercial carpets such as pubs, restaurants and entrance lobbies, we have powerful detergents able to break down accumulated dirt and grease as well as specialist solutions and solvents for the removal of items such as chewing gum and trodden-in blu-tac.

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