The difference can be amazing

The above before and after images are of an ordinary, domestic house with a large dog. Using heavy-duty pre-spray and convention machine-applied cleaning agents, an almost impossibly dirty looking carpet can be brough back to its original colour. Never underestimate the power of carpet cleaning!

Heavily-marked but delicate fabrics? They can be cleaned.

Some fabric simply cannot be cleaned with conventional materials without risk of damage but what if they are heavily marked or just in need of a thorough clean. The image below show an oriental silk rug which received the full treatment from kids and animals.
The image below shows the same rug after cleaning. The answer was to used specialist wool and silk-safe materials, carefully applied through a spray-extraction machine. This is just one of the specialities of JJ Carpet Cleaning.

Think before you throw it away.

It’s all to easy in this throw-away world to look at an item and think you’ve had it long enough and that it’s starting to show wear. This can be true but often as not, a professional clean can revitalize both carpets and upholstery showing that under the grime and/or dust, the fabric is still in good and the item in question still has years of life.

The above image is a case in point where a customer in Chinley decided that an old 3-piece suite was worth being properly cleaned before deciding upon replacement. Another customer in Macclesfield openly remarked ‘I’ve got a blue sofa again!’ as the greyish fabric in her 3-pieces suite started to give up long engrained grease and dirt.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning can, in many cases, achieve wonders. However, if in doubt, request a visit. There’s no charge for a survey and quotation!

Get on that stain quickly!

To some, this sounds like it’s bad as it gets; a red wine stain on a white carpet and in the above image it does not look pretty bad. If this stain had been left for a few weeks, it would have ended up pretty much permanent but because we were called in the morning after the stain occurred, it was possible to remove it completely as the image below testifies.

This isn’t to say every stain is removable. A black ink stain even if attended to immediately will unfortunately at best leave a mark after specialist cleaning. However, its a general rule of thumb that the sooner you get onto it, the best chance of getting it out completely.

Polar Bears!

Did you know JJ Carpet Cleaning have even cleaned Polar Bears? Noncutts Garden Centre have two huge Polar Bears who spend most of their year hibernating in a farmyard barn in Woodford.

The only problem with this is that they attract a lot of dust so that when they emerge at Christmas as a showpiece at the Garden Centre, their artificial fur coats need a good clean.

JJ Carpet Cleaning are always pleased to look at unusual carpet and upholstery-related enquiries.