Think before you throw it away.

It’s all to easy in this throw-away world to look at an item and think you’ve had it long enough and that it’s starting to show wear. This can be true but often as not, a professional clean can revitalize both carpets and upholstery showing that under the grime and/or dust, the fabric is still in good and the item in question still has years of life.

The above image is a case in point where a customer in Chinley decided that an old 3-piece suite was worth being properly cleaned before deciding upon replacement. Another customer in Macclesfield openly remarked ‘I’ve got a blue sofa again!’ as the greyish fabric in her 3-pieces suite started to give up long engrained grease and dirt.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning can, in many cases, achieve wonders. However, if in doubt, request a visit. There’s no charge for a survey and quotation!

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